Groundworks services in Omagh & County Tyrone

At Donnelly Bros Contracts Ltd in Omagh, Beragh, we can complete any groundworks projects on your property. From landscaping to drainage, we can undertake any groundworks projects to a highly professional standard, no matter how large or small the job!


At Donnelly Bros Contract Ltd in Omagh, Beragh, we can provide a landscaping service that includes patio installations, water feature installations and waste clearance. Patios are an ideal way to add a stable surface to your garden where you can add some outdoor furniture and entertain guests during the summer months. Patios also require little maintenance and stand up well to all weather types meaning that their upkeep is not expensive.

Raft Foundation

Raft foundations are built in order to help spread the load from a structure over a large area (usually the whole structure) so that the building is stable. This is particularly evident in areas where the column or structural loads are close to one another and would cause individual pad foundations to cross over. They are most often used in areas that have delicate or loose soil. This is because these areas have a low bearing limit as they can spread the weight over a larger area.


Drainage is required when your property is set in an area where rainwater struggles to be absorbed or to drain away. This can cause problems for your garden as too much water will kill your plant life, in this case, you will require a land drain or French drain installing. They are easily laid and can be installed on any private property or public field - particularly useful for taking care of any local sports pitches!

For any groundworks project that needs completing on your property, give Donnelly Bros Contracts Ltd in Omagh, Beragh a call on 07876223228, or visit our contact page or send us an email.

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